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Among all participants 50 percent are randomly drawn and the remainder are selected by the staff, the most influential elements are the style of their social account and the artistic taste of the participant, we tend to prefer those who can make a greater contribution to the brand.


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We offer a free Exchange and Return service dedicated to Contest winners or figures we collaborate with. In case the size is wrong, the product is not to your liking, or you simply want a refund of your order or cancel it even before it is shipped, you can do so by simply pressing this button


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The following code is one of the highest we have ever generated. This is precisely why we ask to not disclose the code to third parties at all, including this link and any information or images contained in this hidden section of the site, out of respect for our project, the staff and all our customers. In case the code is disclosed to more than one person or made public, it will be immediately deactivated. Personal code may not be transferred to third parties for financial gain.

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